The DeX – Digital EXPerience platform represents a modular web platform as a “Framework” for the development and implementation of various business web applications.

The DeX platform is used as a basis for the development and implementation of business applications for the digitization and automation of the work of business sectors and business processes in accordance with the requirements of each individual user.

Regardless of the type of user, industry, requirement, each of the requirements contains several common units and modules that exist and are used in every type of application software, which represent the basis and “core” functionality of the platform itself.

The DeX platform is a proven and tested software
solution used as the underlying platform in
different areas and industries of business:

  • State authorities and institutions
  • Applications oriented G2G (Government to Government) operations
  • Applications oriented for internal use of state authorities
  • Web portals oriented toward G2C (Government to Customer) portals
  • Web portals oriented toward G2B (Government to Business) portals
  • Private sector
  • Banking sector
Standards and technologies design of DeX platform:
  • DeX platform has been developed as a three-tier software architecture, software design which is usually used for development user interface which related program logic divide into three interconnected elements. This is done to separate the internal presentation of informations from the way that information is presented and accepted by users. Three-layer architecture represents separation between front-end, back-end and database.

  • Application will be based on multi-layer architecture which implies:
  • Scalability – the ability to adapt / expand the application for an increased number of users,
  • Flexibility – the capacity to introduce new functionalities, based on user requirements,
  • Availability – increasing the probability of proper functioning of the system, i.e. reduction of application downtime ( down-time ),
  • Maintenance – easier maintenance due to the applied modularity of the system.
  • Technologies used to develop the DeX platform:
  • Front-end platform: React.JS
  • Back-end platforms: Java Spring Boot
  • Database: o Database: DeX platform is independent of the database layer and allows integration with all relational databases. Also, in accordance with the users request, it is possible to connect and use existing database of the user.

Development methodology and implementation of the new
user solution through the DeX platform:

Work methodology, development and implementation of the solution that will be used is the SCRUM variant of the AGILE methodology. In accordance with the project task and the users request, the DEX project team will implement the project by performing the following activities through phases (“Sprints”):

1. Preparation

2. Analysis

3. Development

4. Application testing

5. Training

6. Delivery of the software solution

7. Preparation of documentation

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