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Digital EXperience platforma

Digital EXperience Platform is a modular and scalable web platform which has the ability to upgrade, expand and use existing modules to digitize business processes of the company.

Modules of Digital EXperience Platform:

The platform can be completely implemented with all modules, with individual modules or upgraded according to special needs and user requirements. 

Module of DEX platform for human resource management contains the following functionalities:

  • Examination of persons according to records:
    • Search and review applications of unemployed persons in the records;
    • Review of job applicants details;
  • Systematization of workplaces:
    • Search and review of workplace codes and previous systematizations;
  • Human resource management:
    • Search and review details of employees in the National Employment Service;
    • Review of contract and data on the work record of employees

A module of DEX platform for financial planning contains the following functionalities

  • Creating and monitoring financial plans and business procedures;
  • Defining workplaces and business process analytics;
  • Generating and printing reports based on set criteria;

A module of Dex platform for wage calculation contains the following functionalities

  • Wage calculation for employees;
  • Generating and printing of various types of reports and analytics;

Module of DEX platform for bookkeeping contains the following functionalities:

  • Management of the complete bookkeeping of the agency (T-accounts, invoices);
  • Generating and printing of various types of reports and analytics.

Module and mobile application for the inventory of fixed assets contain the following functionalities:

  • Web module for the inventory of fixed assets through the generation and marking of fixed assets by QR code;
  • Scanning the QR code using a mobile application, reading the information contained in the code and synchronizing with the database
  • The web application keeps records of locations where fixed assets are located and the possibility of generating a QR code and printing it on special labels to be placed on all fixed assets;

A module of DEX platform for project records contains the following functionalities:

  • Creating, reviewing and managing the phases the project goes through;
  • The provided document template and its import into the application system, so that the data can be entered into the database in a simpler way;
  • Generating and printing reports according to different criteria;

Module for management and operation of sports clubs contains the following functionalities:

  • Web module for running sports clubs
  • Work with clubs and members:
    • Registration of multiple clubs is provided in the application
    • Creating and managing member lists, keeping records of training attendances , reviewing scheduled events;
    • Possibility to download a template document which contains instructions for filling in and importing it into the application so that manual data entry can be avoided;
    • Members can register themselves on the application;
  • Finance
    • The review of indebtedness, income and expenses, printing of reports, registration and adjustment of fixed assets at certain locations;
  • Documents
    • Document templates that can be used in .pdf and .docx (Word) format;