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Metrology Laboratory

With over 25 years of experience in the delivery and servicing of measuring equipment and instruments, in addition to equipment delivery, DEX has improved its work with customers and enabled a new digital information system for management and operation of its clients metrology laboratories and adapted to their needs and requirements.

Metrology Laboratory

All functionalities of the application for the metrological laboratory are in accordance with the ISO standard 17025 in terms of the ability to perform calibration, operation and management of the laboratory.

DEX Metrology Laboratory is a web application, which can be integrated with other existing systems and databases of end-users and connect and unify the work of complex information systems.

DEX Metrology Laboratory enables work with the following functionalities:

  • Accepting requests for offer
  • Making offers
  • Request processing and making offers
  • Entering purchase orders
  • e. Processing of the order form, receipt, mutual record and work order

  • Quantifiers and units of measurement
  • Types of instruments

  • Entering instrument data:
    • Statistical data
    • Scope
    • Characteristics
    • Calibration
  • Entering calibration results
  • Defining title types
  • Making records / reports

  • Records of working hours
  • Creating business travel orders
  • Resource (employees) management
  • Defining a partner
  • Supplier monitoring and evaluation
  • Risk management in the calibration / testing process
  • Processing customer complaints
  • Discrepancy management
  • Improvement management
  • Management of corrective measures
  • Management of internal checks
  • Management of leadership review
  • Making confirmation and opinions for the imported equipment
  • Equipment management
  • Platform integration with connected systems
  • Export and migration of key structural data 
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions in laboratories
  • Management of the realization planning system
  • Billing system management
  • Management of documented information
  • Management of quality of the results of calibrations/tests