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In the modern way of doing business DEX d.o.o. occupies an important place in the infrastructure of every company, thus offering a wide range of products and services.

Metrology Laboratory

With over 25 years of experience in the delivery and servicing of measuring equipment and instruments, in addition to equipment delivery, DEX has improved its work with customers and enabled a new digital information system for management and operation of its clients’ metrology laboratories and adapted to their needs and requirements.

Custom development

As an innovative and flexible company, DEX enables its clients, in addition to existing software solutions, to implement and develop completely new modules, platforms and digitalization of special business sectors in accordance with the wishes of its clients.

Digital EXperience Platform

Digital EXperience Platform is a modular and scalable web platform which has the ability to upgrade, expand and use existing modules to digitize business processes of the company.


RPA is a technology that replicates human interaction with computer software, ie. tasks that would otherwise be performed by individuals in the company are performed by a software robot.

Software Solutions

When your business is supported by the right software, you have achieved one of the most important prerequisites for achieving your goals.

Measuring Instruments

We offer a wide range of sophisticated measuring instruments and systems with complete service and metrological support.