In the modern way of doing business, DEX doo occupies an important place in the infrastructure of every company, thus offering a wide range of services
range of products and services.

  • Software solutions
  • RPA
  • Measuring instruments

Software solutions

When your business is supported by appropriate software, you have achieved one of the most important prerequisites for achieving your goals.


RPA is a technology that replicates human interaction with computer software, ie. tasks that would normally be performed by individuals in the company are performed by a software robot.

Measuring instruments

We offer a wide range of sophisticated measuring instruments and systems with complete service and metrology support.

Our team consists of experts in their domain areas from various industries who, through their team spirit and efficient operations, achieve maximum results, and we have been a successful and representative company for years.

The goal of our business is to solve problems and achieve results that will benefit our clients facilitate and improve everyday business through innovative digital transformation.
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